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      My favorite BEAUTYCOUNTER Products

      My favorite BEAUTYCOUNTER Products

      Everyone asks me where to start when it comes to switching to safer beauty products. For me, I started with the makeup switch, but it depends on what your budget is and where you want to starts. Here are a couple of my bundles that I purchased along my BEAUTYCOUNTER journey and why I love them!

      My makeup Bundle:

      Makeup is a passion of mine; I love trying new products and testing out new looks. So when I found BEAUTYCOUNTER's makeup line after my accident, it was a match made in Heaven. Here are my fav of products:

      The Tint Skin

      I love the tint skin because it gives you enough coverage to wear on a daily basis but not too much where your face looks too made up. I have very fair skin, and I wear the color Linen in the winter and the color Sand during the summer.

      The Ultimate Nudes Eyeshadow Palette

      Oh, how I love this Palette, I used to use the Urban Decay Naked II palette (which has a score of 4 on the EWG with toxic ingredients), and this has completely replaced it for me! I love that they have both Matte and Glittery colors, they go on so nicely and stay on! 

      The Luminous Powder Highlighter

      This highlighter is so awesome, I used to love Benefit's hula and their highlighter, but this product takes both of them and combines them into one! Making putting on makeup one step simpler!

      Sheer Lipstick 

      These lipsticks are so pretty; my favorite color is petal which is a light pink color. I love that these lipsticks can be used all day long and have a long wear to them!


      The Skin Care Bundle

      I am the worst when it comes to a skin care routine! The only routine I have is that I make sure to wash my face in the morning and before bed. As I moved into my 30s I started thinking about getting older and how I should probably do something to help with aging. We with BEAUTYCOUNTER I have actually found products I enjoy using as a skin routine.

      Counter Control Set


      I don't get breakouts like I did when I was a teen but I do get them about one a month and this brand new line called Counter Control has helped tame that hormonal breakouts that I occasionally get. It is also the one thing I do like to do my face which is, wash it! I started using this is July of 2018 and haven't had a breakout since! I also got it for my sisters who are 19 and 23, who do have regular breakouts and their skin has been getting so much better just after using it for two weeks!

      No. 3 Balancing Collection

      I LOVE this collection. It's like having a mini facial kit at home and my skin feels so good after using it. My 4 year old loves doing everything I do and when she sees me put on the mask she wants to do it too, I let her join me because I don't have to worry about what is in the products I'm using.

      Bath and Body

      Body Collection


      My Husband has a habit of using just anything that is in the shower, so when I switched all my products to BEAUTYCOUNTER I also switched him to this collection. It is great for daily use and smells wonderful. Not to mention my husband now complains when we run out and asks me to buy more!

      Volume & Shape Collection

      This shampoo and conditioner set is so great, not only is it sulfate free but it really works! My hair is so easy to style after using these and is a staple in my shower!



      Why I love BEAUTYCOUNTER

      Why I love BEAUTYCOUNTER

      Last year was a rough one for my family and myself. Not only was I in a horrible car accident but I had two people very close to me with cancer, one of which we lost last August to breast cancer and one that we lost last month ago to brain cancer.

      While I was healing I was making sure I was eating correctly, I was taking all the vitamins I could, getting the exercise that my body could handle day to day, cleaning with non toxic cleaning products and what I hadn't ever been thinking of is what I'm putting on my body. I had been thinking about my kids in that way, they only wore Honest diapers growing up and used Honest body products but I hadn't thought about my own skin and products. One of my friends started posting about how she had switched to safer beauty products and body products for herself and that the products were actually amazing.

      Now I LOVE makeup. It is my favorite thing to shop for and I absolutely love getting all dolled up to go out to dinner. I was the girl who would never leave the house without makeup until probably about 5 years ago when I was finally comfortable in my own skin. So I was pretty skeptical about buying makeup online without ever trying it but my friend told me if you hate it they will refund any open item just because you don't like it. Well, she didn't lie. For my first purchase bought the Flawless in Five set which included six safer products: Tint Skin Hydrating Foundation, Touchup Skin Concealer Pen, Color Define Brow Pencil, Volumizing Mascara, Satin Powder Blush and Lip Gloss. I also purchased their eyeliner, a charcoal bar, and the charcoal mask. OMG did I love everything except the mascara. I have blonde eyelashes and it just didn't coat my lashes enough to make them dark enough for my liking but everything else I loved. I loved it so much I made another purchase to clean out my husband's products buying the daily body wash, shampoo and conditioner and then trying out the kids body wash, shampoo and conditioner! 

      I kept trying out new products and my friend who originally told me about Beautycounter told me that I should become a consultant purely to get the discount because of how many products I had been purchasing. I kind of ignored her for a couple of days because I am not one to want to sell things. I was going through this major body recovery, was going to go back to my full-time corporate job in marketing at a big tech company in a couple of months and I didn't want to add consultant to that. But before I was about to make another purchase I decided why not, worst case I get a discount and get to try out products before other people. I was able to purchase things for my family with that discount and even had friends start asking me about safer beauty products. 

      Check out my Beautycounter page for my favorite products and my monthly special if you purchase from me! And feel free to reach out if you are interested in learning more about Beautycounter!



      Welcome! I wanted to start by introducing myself. I'm Victoria, known by everyone except my mother as Tori, I'm a mom of 2, wife for 8 years, and living the bi-coastal life in Lookout Mountain, Tn and Diablo, Ca. My family relocated in July 2018 to Tennessee to have a new adventure together.

      I have always lived a healthy lifestyle and have been an avid exerciser but on Mothers Day 2017 my life changed forever. I was involved in a serious car accident where I ended up with 3 serious injuries. My first and most serious injury was a broken neck, I broke C1 of my spinal cord (the very top of the neck) which is what connects your brain to your neck and typically people who break that either die or are permanently paralyzed. A miracle occurred and I had no permanent damage from the break other than some loss of rotation. I did have to have surgery to fix my neck and was in a neck brace for 6 months following the accident, but I am grateful for everyday that god gave me to spend with my family and be able to work on healing. My second injury was a shattered shoulder, I originally was going to have a shoulder replacement because it was so bad but I lucked out with an amazing surgeon who was testing out a new cage where he literally pieced my shoulder back together.  My third injury was a shattered ankle, this one was and had been the most difficult to heal from. I had to have two surgeries on it but a year later I still have a long way to completely recover but I can walk normally, wear normal shoes and be with my kids wherever they need me! 

      I spent two months in the hospital, had 5 surgeries, went to physical therapy 4 days a week and took 6 months off of work but the accident has made me appreciate life more than most people are able to. I look at my kids and husband with renewed love as they all took care of me during this journey and I strive to be the best I can be daily.  

      My Road to Recovery:

      May 2017

      August 2017

      December 2017

      June 2018